What we can offer you.

A transparent approach to how you do business enables stakeholders to understand your organisations true value.

To achieve this we have created three key options to help you take advantage of the growing sustainable needs of consumers

Locate a sustainable business
Learn more about the business
Get in contact with a business


  • Your sustainable actions and outcomes to an audience that is interested in sustainability, creating awareness of your organisation.
  • Your organisation through our sustainable directory. Find us and find you, a simple search and find service linked directly to your online product or service.
  • Awareness of your actions through live news feeds.


  • By seeing what’s happening around New Zealand and the world. Follow our live new feed to see just what is happening in sustainability today.
  • By encouraging a sustainable culture within all organisations and continuous improvements.
  • By publishing regular updates of the latest trends and patterns in sustainability.


  • To put your organisation in front of a growing market.
  • By improvement of your current programs or actions with assessments and advice.
  • By joint support and partnership agreements, MOUs and membership of our organisation giving you access to benefits directly with other members and partners.